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1 Parenting resources at your fingertips! Parenting Exchange PDF articles provide practical, appropriate advice for parents on everyday parenting challenges. The Complete Parenting Exchange Library contains 180 articles you can print off to share with a parent seeking advice, send home with children, incorporate in your center's newsletter, or e-mail to your teachers as an invaluable tool in working with parents.

The articles are written by Karen Stephens, an expert in the early childhood field. Karen is an Early Childhood Specialist of Illinois State University Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

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Parenting Exchange Topic Collections:

  • Attachment and Self Esteem
  • Child Care and Work/Life Issues
  • Discipline, Guidance, Temperament
  • Family Routines; Play and Leisure
  • Fears; Anxiety Related to Death, Tragedy, or War
  • Friendship, Social Skills, Manners, Diversity
  • Health, Nutrition, Safety, Hospitalization, Preventing Abuse
  • Learning, Brain Development, Literacy, and Creativity
  • Nature Connections and Pets
  • Parenting: On Being a Mom, Dad, or Grandparent
  • Sensitive Issues
  • Toddler and Twos Developmental Issues

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