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Using Volunteers
May 6, 2016
The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.
-Heda Bejar

In a Time (April 25, 2016) article, Lauren Bush Lauren, a philanthropist who founded a non profit focusing on hunger, Feed, in 2007, offered these suggestions on how volunteers can maximize their impact:

Get Specific. Pick a charity that utilizes your strongest aptitude. "When you can marry your specific skill set and expertise, not only will you be more engaged and excited, but your time will be better spent."

Become a Regular. Your work as a volunteer will be compounded with repeated visits. "That's extremely rewarding when people can regularly engage with not only a single cause but a single community center, hospital, soup kitchen, wherever it may be. That way, you truly become a part of their operations and really get to know the people they're serving and can dig deeper in that way."

Think about Your Time Creatively. Many people assume they don't have the margin in their lives to volunteer. But if you can reframe how you think about giving back, you'll see that you can work it into your schedule. Give in easy-to-do increments — an hour or two at a time rather than a whole day.

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