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Getting Fit and Getting Smart
October 21, 2016
Learning without thought is useless. Thought without learning is dangerous.

"For generally healthy people, exercising regularly can enhance brain functioning over a lifetime—not just after a workout," report David Jacobs and Na Zhu, in Scientific American Mind

"...To maintain normal cognitive function, the brain requires a constant supply of oxygen and other chemicals, delivered via its abundant blood vessels. Physical exercise—and even simple activities such as washing dishes or vacuuming—helps to circulate nutrient-rich blood efficiently throughout the body and keeps the blood vessels healthy. Exercise increases the creation of mitochondria—the cellular structures that generate and maintain our energy—both in our muscles and in our brain, which may explain the mental edge we often experience after a workout. Studies also show that getting the heart rate up enhances neurogenesis—the ability to grow new brain cells—in adults."

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