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Becoming a Change Maker
April 24, 2015

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.
-Arab Proverb


In her article, "Learning the Ropes," in the Exchange Essential, Leading People, Paula Jorde Bloom spells out the stages directors go through when learning to deal with requirements placed on them from above:

Blind compliance is when a director will comply with an authority figure's definition of a situation and believe this conformity to be for the best.

Uncomfortable compliance is when the director will comply with the constraints posed by a situation, but retain private reservations about doing so.

Working the system is when a director will make changes or maneuver around organizational constraints without the formal power to do so.

Redefining the system is when a director is able to educate or influence a supervisor, board, or agency executive director into adopting new ways of thinking about organizational issues and perceived constraints.

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