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Measles Alert
March 5, 2015

Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.
-Romanian Proverb


A child care center in the midwest recently experienced a measles outbreak with both babies and teachers impacted.While the program responded swiftly and effectively to this emergency, it was a reminder that measles is still a major threat. There has been increasing resistance and indifference to having children vaccinated which puts all children at risk.

The Centers for Disease Control has teamed with the Early Care and Education Consortium and other national organizations to remind partents that vaccinations are the best way to protect young children from 14 serious diseases, including measles.  You are encouraged to go to the ECEC web site to download educational materials for parents.

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el paso, tx, United States
03/05/2015 10:38 am

I want to believe we live in a free country. That people have the right to make decision concerning their own and their families health.

MM&R comes with its own list of possible complications - one of which is death. I might decide, I would rather not risk it. I might be the one in a million however if you are that one then it is one too many especially when you are free to make that choice.

Since MM&R is live virus then children can actually infect someone after receiving the shot.

There is lots of controversy about immunizations. Some people do not like all the garbage that goes into those shots. all shots still have some mercury and the flu shot has lots.

You might want to watch BOUGHT the movie which is being released. Take your blinders off, get our head out of the sand and your nose out of _____. and move to the dark side. Or I should say the enlightened side. Some people still think for themselves. Some people take the time to investigate and make their own decisions. Of course some people rush to their doctors office after listening to the medication ads on TV no matter what the side effects are. Who are you?

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