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Searching for Global Leaders
July 29, 2016
We all know it isn't human to be perfect, and too many of us take advantage of it.

Global Leaders for Young Children is one of the most impactful programs of the World Forum Foundation.  The program endeavors to identify and develop the next generation of early childhood leaders throughout the world.  Since its inception in 2004, nearly 200 emerging leaders from 61 countries have participated, with many graduates currently playing major roles in shaping the early childhood policies and practices in their countries and regions.

Global Leaders engage in a two-year program, during which time they develop and implement action-oriented projects in their own communities aimed at improving the lives of young children.  A carefully designed curriculum helps participants develop leadership capacity and effective advocacy skills, and gain a deeper understanding of early childhood research, practice, and global issues.  Through participation in three face-to-face meetings (two in their regions and one at the 2017 World Forum in Auckland, New Zealand) as well as ongoing communication, Global Leaders develop a strong network of regional and international peers. 

The World Forum Foundation is currently seeking candidates and sponsors for the next wave of the program starting in October 2016.  Emerging leaders in early childhood programs are being recruited for regional Global Leaders programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  In Europe, emerging leaders in the Roma and Travelers communities are being recruited; in North America, emerging leaders in the Indigenous and tribal communities, and in the Arab region, emerging leaders serving refugee communities.  Those interested in participating as Global Leaders or funding the participation of Global Leaders can refer to the Global Leaders program description.

Global Leaders for Young Children

Are you interested in applying to becoming a Global Leader? Early childhood professionals recognized as emerging leaders receive leadership training and financial support for small, yet impactful projects they carry out in their own countries.

Click Here to apply to be a global leader.

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