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Unplug, Walk Away, Take a Breath...
December 2, 2016
It is easier to add to a great reputation than to get it.
-Publilius Syrus in Moral Sayings

"Even if it's just for a little while, quiet time is essential for our souls," writes Melody Ross in her blog A Little Bird Told Me.

"Our deepest truths speak in quiet little voices most of the time, and we have to get our lives calm and quiet to be able to hear them. When we are feeling scattered, depleted, confused, and torn, a remedy that almost always works is to take a walk all alone, or to go somewhere quiet and be all alone. To just sit, just listen.

"It may seem too simple, too good to be true. But so many of the mysteries of life have the simplest answers, and we just have to trust in their simplicity. Give yourself the gift of solitude, quiet, and a listening heart as often as you can, and you will hear the things you need to hear.

"Unplug, walk away, take a breath. Do it for the sake of everything and everyone that you love. And especially do it for you."

The Goodness of Rain
Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children

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"[Goodness of Rain] is without doubt the most inspirational book I have ever encountered in any genre! The writing is pure prose, the beauty of a visual artist put onto paper with poetic precision that is simply and honestly amazing. What a beautiful book, unique and unmissable!"
- Joy Lubway, Wagga Wagga, Australia

We must discover our place in the natural world. Together.

When we turn towards the Earth with curiosity and sympathy, with humility and wonder, our lives fall into place—we fall into place. This is what it means to grow an ecological identity.

Each page reminds us that when we learn to live in a reverent relationship with nature, we will not allow it to be destroyed, but rather, bear joyful witness to the miracle of this planet and ally ourselves with it, to help life live.

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