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6 x 7 = Yikes! Coaching Teachers Past Their Math Anxiety

by Heather Wenig
January/February 2016
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I remember it so well — the feeling that I did not belong in a math class. I can still picture the classroom, the desks, the teacher. I can still remember the thought that came to me as I watched my classmates working away at the math problems the teacher had put on the overhead projector. I could not do the work. I remember feeling like everyone in that room with me must have attended a secret class that I was not included in. They all seemed to grasp the concepts immediately while I had no idea where to start. 

This concept of myself as someone who could not do math stuck with me. Twenty years later, when I enrolled in college to pursue my degree in Early Care and Education, I was terrified at the prospect of having to take a math class. I crossed my fingers and hoped my advisor would tell me that the Math for Elementary Teachers would be the class to meet my math requisite. After all, maybe I could at least manage elementary school math. I panicked when she told me I would have to take a college algebra course instead. Dreading it, I waited until ...

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