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A Teacher's Promise

by Rachel Robertson
July/August 2016
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This title covers a lot of ground. On one hand, I am referring to the promises a teacher makes to others: the commitment he makes to children and families when taking on the role each day as children bounce, run, hop, hide behind their parents’ legs, and skip into the classroom. On the other hand, I am alluding to the future promise of a teacher: the capabilities and the opportunities waiting to unfold as the teacher progresses through his career. 

From my perspective, these definitions of ‘a teacher’s promise’ go hand in hand and deserve equal attention from all of us who support their work. When we provide the tools, resources, environment, and culture for teachers to do the work they want to do — care for and support the development of young ­children — and we help them explore, grow, learn, and develop themselves,
we all reap the rewards. 

So what gets in our way? Why isn’t each teacher we hire able to make and fulfill their promises? We probably all instantly think of the barriers that prevent us from fully supporting teachers: the ringing phone, the unscheduled licensing visit, the new policies to read and remember, the monthly fire ...

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