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Anji Play: The Child's Right to Play

by Joleen Voss-Rodriguez and Cheng Xueqin
July/August 2018
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Article Link: https://www.childcareexchange.com/article/anji-play-the-childs-right-to-play/5024228/

A rural county in China has emerged with an inspirational story about the transformation of its early education system to one that values children’s play as a fundamental right. For more than a decade, Cheng Xueqin, the regional director of early childhood education in the county district of Anji, China, has worked tirelessly to create and implement Anji Play, an open-ended, play-based early childhood education approach. The Anji Play philosophy and curriculum seeks to cultivate and explore a deeper understanding of children’s play and learning. Ms. Xueqin and the educators of Anji assert, “Returning the right of self-determined play to children and communities in an environment defined by Love, Risk, Joy, Engagement, Reflection is the guiding principle of Anji Play.”

The county of Anji is in the northwestern Zhejiang province, approximately three hours from Shanghai. There are 130 public early childhood centers in the county. Anji is a rural area known for its production of green and white tea and is home to one of the largest bamboo forests in China, Anji Grand National Bamboo Forest. Anji is also at the forefront of ecotourism. The local government has made efforts to preserve the integrity of the natural ...

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