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Being with Babies

by Anna Tardos
September/October 2011
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Babies have a marvelous affect on us. They enchant us. They touch us very profoundly. I think I am not mistaken to claim that nobody could go past even a stranger’s baby stroller without stopping and smiling at it. Every baby and, of course, our own children awaken indescribable emotions in us. We bend over our babies again and again and take pleasure in them when they are asleep, and watch for their smiles when they are awake. We would most of all love to constantly hold them in our arms.

All of the above is true. And yet, not quite. Many times it happens that in the important moments of being together we do not really pay attention to them, because we are preoccupied with the tasks relating to them: putting on their shirts, wiping their bottoms, adjusting their diapers. We touch them, move them around, and sometimes fail to notice the expectation in their gaze as they look at us. We don’t think about how happy they would be ‘to help’ if we had a discussion with them in the meantime, and if we told them what we were up to:

“Now, I am going to take off your diaper to ...

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