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Celebrating Our Newest Exchange Leaders

by Pam Boulton
July/August 2018
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Our early childhood field has strong leaders who accomplish the important work of educating young children, as well as supporting and advocating for children, their families, and their communities. Leadership takes many forms, from the leader who works with a group of children in an early care and education setting or school-age program, to leaders of organizations big and small, to leaders in advocacy, governance, training, and research, to people working globally.

The Exchange Leadership Initiative launched in November 2014, with the intention of making leadership more visible in the field of early care and education. Over 250 Exchange Leaders are everywhere, doing powerful work in their communities, regions, and across the world. 

The act of applying for this designation is profound. We told aspiring applicants that if they see themselves as leaders, their thoughts and actions would change as they contribute to our field. We were excited about the number of very skilled people who applied, and we were pleased to see the different professional roles among the applicants.

Most importantly, in every application the passion for our field came through. Applicants wrote about their knowledge, vision, and dreams. They showed us their persistence and determination and their ...

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