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Celebrating our Newest Exchange Leaders

by Pam Boulton
July/August 2019
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Since 2014, Exchange has been identifying and inviting early childhood leaders to join the Exchange Leadership Initiative. Those who accept the invitation apply and share with us their vision, how they lead, and their determination. 

Exchange Leaders understand early care and education principles and practices, address diversity and equity, and are engaged in life-long learning. They are grounded in their own work and are using their strengths and advocacy skills to make a difference for children, families, and their communities.

Exchange Leaders play many roles, from the leader with a group of children in an early care and education or school-age program, to directors and administrators, to working in colleges and universities or working in support of other professional programs. Some have become leaders on their own through tenacity. Others have been nurtured along, and some have been pushed into the forefront. Our newest Exchange Leaders share both passion and commitment to our field of early care and education. 


Christina Alton

Cypress, Texas

Lead consultant/trainer,
Collaborative for Children

I am committed to always being an advocate for our youngest citizens. In my work I strive to empower early childhood professionals to increase their knowledge and ...

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