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Child Care Program Management and Family Engagement Software

by Fran Simon and Steven J. Dick
September/October 2020
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/child-care-program-management-and-family-engagement-software/5025588/

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Early childhood practitioners are among the most resourceful and creative professionals in the education industry. We must be scrappy because we face so many business and pedagogical challenges. For the most part, we see ourselves as educators first, not entrepreneurs or business leaders. Over time, and now during the COVID-19 era, it has become obvious that we struggle with the same challenges that other industries face. We need the same types of specialized software solutions that other businesses use. In fact, we need them more than ever. The problem is that there are so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to know which will meet our specific needs.

The purpose of this article is to share insights about some of the available early childhood software products in the program management and family communication (commonly referred to as family engagement) category of products. Our findings are based on a few of the results of a survey we conducted in 2019 of 2,800 early care and education professionals. The survey was disseminated internationally through social media and Early Childhood Investigations Webinars’ email list of more than 140,000 subscribers. Our goal was to ...

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