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Collaboration for Community Impact

by Jamie Bonczyk and Hannah Riddle de Rojas
January/February 2022
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/collaboration-for-community-impact/5026328/

*Figure 1: Creating a Shared Vision and Expectation can be found in the pdf version of this article.


Our first article, “Building Our Capacity for Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage” came out in the January/February, 2019 issue of Exchange. When we wrote that article, we were reconciling our experiences grappling with the big questions facing the field. Each of us had sat at different metaphorical tables and witnessed interactions and dynamics that seemed to be hindering progress. In the last two years we have found ourselves coming back to the dispositions of curiosity, compassion, and courage, time and time again.

The precarious position of child care, mixed with a global pandemic, created new challenges. In these challenges, we both gained opportunities to participate in collaborative efforts to create meaningful impacts in the lives of children, families, and practitioners. During this time, our mentors challenged us. Roz Zuest, a colleague and mentor, encouraged reflection. As she says, “Is what you are doing together efficient, effective, and equitable?” Through the reflective process we came to the conclusion that curiosity, compassion, and courage serve us not only in individual leadership, but also in systems change. 

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