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Developing Teachers' Confidence

by Christy Jones-Hudson
November/December 2020
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*Name has been changed.

I once researched hydrocephalus for five consecutive hours to prepare for a little boy, Jake*, who would be joining my classroom. It was 2006, I was fairly new to the early childhood field, and I was very eager and vigilant to create an engaging and accommodating environment for him. The nervous energy was palpable on the morning he and his parents walked into the classroom. He looked about at the neatly arranged, shiny, new toys and gingerly wobbled toward one. A supreme boost of confidence for me was knowing each of those toys were carefully selected to help him work on skills such as visual memory, perceptual motor skills and spatial awareness. But enough about that. While there is much current information related to developmental milestones, inclusive practices and the like, we often forget early childhood educators need confidence in order to successfully execute their roles. What a moot point to provide excellent workplace orientation, center tours and meet and greets, only for the new teacher to cower in the corner on the first day.

Almost 15 years after meeting Jake, most of the confidence I have accumulated in my work with children with special needs has come from ...

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