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Honoring Doyens in Our Field

by Roger Neugebauer and Bonnie Neugebauer and Pam Boulton
March/April 2018
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As Exchange magazine celebrates 40 years of service to early childhood professionals in all the glory of their diversity and commitment, we continue our recognition of Doyens — the founders, leaders and mentors who shaped our profession and created our history. They have dedicated their lives to making a difference for young children and their families and have led with vision, passion and determination. They continue to provide inspiration and guidance, and they speak fearlessly to the mission of our work and hold us accountable. We honor them for their lifetime of personal and professional achievements on behalf of early care and education. 

Exchange magazine launched the Exchange Leadership Initiative in November 2014 to heighten the visibility of leaders and leadership in our field — and to express our  gratitude. Searches focused first on Emerging Leaders and Master Leaders; professionals can continue to apply to become vetted as members of ELI

To date 258 leaders — Emerging and Master Leaders and Doyens — have been recognized. The next group of ELI members will be celebrated in July 2018 Exchange. In coordination with our Exchange Strategic Partners and other national organizations who take responsibility for ...

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