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How I Write an Article

by Francis Wardle
May/June 2019
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A few years ago, the editor of the Community Playthings newsletter “Connect” asked me to write an article on the value of constructive play for young children (Wardle, 2015). As someone who has written and published hundreds of articles, I thought that some aspiring writers for Exchange and other publications might be interested in the process I follow when I write an article. I have published articles in academic journals, glossy popular magazines, trade publications, organizational newsletters and parenting publications: local, national and international. My first article in Exchange was published almost 30 years ago!

Obviously there are many ways to write an article, and each writer must find the process that works best for them. The main recommendation I have for anyone who wants to write is to write—a lot! Like learning to run, taking good photographs, fixing a car, growing a garden and so on, the main thing is to actually do it (with occasional advice and coaching). Thus, the very best way to learn to write is to continually write, in all sorts of formats and for a variety of outlets (or publications). 

While there are many approaches, this is the sequence I follow. Outlining my ...

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