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Powerful Outcomes for Abused Children

by Emmalie Dropkin
March/April 2016
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Researchers have recently found some impressive effects of Head Start many years after children children graduated from the program. First data from the Head Start Impact Study revealed that children who are in foster care (or otherwise separated from their parents) are more ready for school and have stronger relationships with their teachers when they’re able to attend Head Start (Lipscomb et al., 2013). Another group of researchers followed children from the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Project and found that compared to children who couldn’t attend Early Head Start, infants and toddlers in the program had significantly fewer child welfare encounters during their elementary school years (Green et al., 2014). These findings speak to the powerful effects of Head Start and Early Head Start programs in the aggregate across the country, but some individual programs are achieving even more. Two of the bright spots in working with families involved in the child welfare system are Economic Opportunity Agency of Washington County Head Start in Arkansas and Community Services for Children’s Head Start/Early Head Start of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

The Economic Opportunity Agency of Washington County has operated Head Start since 1965 and has worked with neglected and maltreated ...

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