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Racial Justice as a Core Practice of ECE

by Margie Carter, Ijumaa Jordan, and Kelly Matthews
March/April 2018
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“We are in intolerable trouble,” American writer and social critic James Baldwin said in 1963. And here we are, over 50 years later, when not a day goes by without media exposure, if not personal experience, of some aspect of injustice occurring in our country. It feels so outrageous and discouraging that some days I just want to hide under the covers. And, hey, I’m a white, English speaking, secure, middle-class woman with uncounted (and unearned) privileges. If I fail to do all I can to be an agent of change, what does that say about who I am, what I care about, my integrity? Some of us are willing to make calls, take to the streets, or take messages to our legislators. Others make efforts in quieter ways, sharing understandings and challenges in conversations, being of service in our communities, reaching out to people who are at risk, sharing resources, time, and hopefully power.

Whatever avenues we chose to address the contradictions between our democratic ideals and transgressions in our communities, our jobs in the early childhood field offer a tremendous opportunity to help shape a better world. Seizing this opportunity in our work we must think carefully, listen ...

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