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Sustaining High Staff Morale

by Ellen Drolette
July/August 2016
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Caregiver fatigue is prevalent and morale remains low in many early education settings and professionals don’t know how to care for themselves in a way that sustains their excitement and energy for the work they do with children and families. When asked in hiring interviews, “What do you do to care for yourself?,” the question is met with blank stares, silence, and then attempts at an acceptable answer: “Well, I take long showers when I can”; “I take walks.” Most responses retell candidates’ daily routines rather than referencing self-care on a higher level. 

The pay grade for early educators is low compared with other professions, even within the education field, and this brings with it stress that can carry over into the classroom. And yet we remain dedicated to our chosen profession, telling people, “We do it because we have a passion for bettering the lives of young children.” The number one strategy we can use to lift staff morale in early childhood programs is to communicate that each member of the team is appreciated, respected, and cared about. 


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