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Technology as a Teaching Partner in the Early Childhood Classroom

by Michelle Salcedo
March/April 2016
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Almost every week I spend time in early childhood classrooms: observing practices, mentoring teachers, and interacting with children. I use a tablet to document in notes and pictures the many wonderful things I see happening in these programs. While teachers often don’t pay attention to the tool in my hands, children inevitably notice, as indicated with comments like, “Take my picture” or “What games do you have on that?” Even in the infant rooms, the youngest learners toddle over and swipe their fingers across the dark surface, trying to make the screen come to life. In spite of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) strongly-worded recommendation to limit screen time for children (2011), it is obvious that our children are increasingly comfortable navigating a world full of technology. (Author Note: The AAP is in the process of updating their recommendations and new guidelines will be out in the fall.)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently posted new information for parents and pediatricians (2011), so while the 2011 statement is still in place, ‘strongly-worded’ objections are being moderated as we speak (see Resources). These new statements may change the way we look at using technology with children, especially those under the ...

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