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The Hearts and Minds of the ECE Community

by Cecilia Scott-Croff
July/August 2020
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Child care has been described as the “nucleus of

our economy.” Now more than ever, we need our
courageous early childhood community and
thought leaders. 

We are Competent and Courageous 

To the teachers, family child care providers and infant/toddler specialists on the front lines who have supported the most vulnerable families and essential workers: I salute you. I am thinking of the early childhood community in New York, who were afraid yet courageous enough to ride the New York City subway system to work. Reporting to work, even while not knowing if you would make it there and back safely. Walking to avoid public transit. Showering before kissing your children. Uplifting each other with positive messaging, songs of hope, the Cha Cha slide and Tik Tok. Courage. 

Service Leadership 

Struggling to obtain personal protective equipment. Ambivalent about leaving your own children in order to care for other people’s children. Walking through an empty college campus populated with only the ECE team and buildings and grounds staff. Continuing to work while enduring the crippling loss of fathers, grandfathers, mothers, brothers and cousins. Fearful yet caring for elderly parents. You matter.

Early childhood leaders and your teams, finding the ...

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