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Venturing Out in the World with Children

by Salvatore Vascellaro
November/December 2014
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Right in front of a Head Start center, the entire street was being dug up to lay new gas, water, and electric lines. Each morning caregivers and their two-, three-, and four-year-old children hurried along the designated walk spaces, covering their ears to soften the cacophony of jackhammers, drilling, and the engines of powered machines. The ­children appeared tiny and vulnerable against the backdrop of massive cranes lifting and positioning huge metal pipes, tractors scooping mountains of rock, dump trucks coming and going, and the workers operating the great machines. The blaring permeated the classrooms during the day and accompanied them as they left for home at the end of the day.

One teacher of four-year-olds noticed that as the children were being rushed to and from school, many craned their necks to see what was happening. She wondered what the children thought about the construction with its ceaseless noise. One morning, when the children gathered as a group, she asked, “What’s happening on our street?” Their attention was immediate, and everyone had something to say.

One child stood up, spread his arms wide, and shouted excitedly: “They are digging a big, big hole in the street!”

Another, stretching his arms up said: ...

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