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When the Cure Begins: Individual Choices Lead to Lasting Change

by Robin Levy and Constant Hine
January/February 2021
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Nowadays we all know one thing for certain… nothing is certain. In the context of a world in pandemic and a global warming crisis, our country is also suffering from racial inequity, social strife and political discontent. Experiencing separation between people and systemic inequity requires each of us to access our inner bearing and navigate toward making personal choices that empower. In addition to the overarching worldwide chaos, many are also experiencing inescapable discomfort because our individual and social foundational values, historic attitudes, and unexamined biases are being exposed and tested by new demands and different perspectives. This flood of change is unsettling our sense of well-being, interrupting typical routines, and challenging familiar supports. For these reasons, it is important to turn within to find a calm that allows access to a higher perspective; a new and different viewpoint. Guided by an inner compass, rather than defaulting to disempowering thoughts that lead to fear and worry, we can all nurture and draw on personal qualities to intentionally navigate through challenges toward hope and possibility.

Today’s reality can feel bleak and overwhelming if we choose to look through a hazy, discouraging lens. Now is exactly when we most need to gather our inner ...

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