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Wonder newsletter

September/October 2015
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This edition of Wonder is focused on the Nature Action
Collaborative for Children Universal ­Principle: 

We believe it is important for families to understand the value of children's daily connections with nature.

The following reflections resonate with an underlying message of resilience and hope. As you read, take some time to reflect on your own situation. Think about the ways you intentionally support the well-being of your ­children through daily connections to nature. 

Have you had the privilege of witnessing a life-changing ­experience? 

How have you conveyed the importance of that moment to parents and colleagues? 

Do you have a story that will inspire others? Share it with us!

Reflection: Gardens of Eve — Nature as an Antidote Against Violence in Palestine

from Margaret Kernan, Joint Dutch/Palestinian Initiative

Picture this:

Ten Palestinian villages in the rolling countryside of the West Bank, each with its own preschools or children’s centres. The preschool environments are welcoming and colorful but are dominated by concrete walls, small windows, flat tarmac play spaces, and metal or plastic playground equipment. The surrounding nature — olive and almond trees, vines, growing fruit and vegetables — is “out there,” and not in reach of the children in their daily lives. The situation in the Shu’fat Refugee camp ...

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