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9 + 1 = Fun!

by Dennis Vicars
July/August 2010
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All organizations are different in nature, culture, programs, and services. However, every truly successful enterprise (‘successful’ meaning their mission statement and strategic goals are followed and achieved) that I have encountered:

1. Employs strategic leadership

2. Is organized in a way to promote maximum individual staff performance

3. Promotes maximum individual growth and self-actualization

4. Is relationship oriented

5. Is always recruiting, always interviewing, and always prepared to hire positive people who will improve the organization

6. Is committed to ongoing training and the promotion of individual growth

7. Is efficient and effective

8. Has a culture of excellent service (to
parents, vendors, and each other)

9. Is nurturing, with an emphasis on making mistakes early so that eventual success is guaranteed

10. Is a fun place to be!

So what does all this mean in an early care and education environment? Let’s explore:

1. Employs strategic leadership means that someone (hopefully the director) not only has their hands on the wheel, but knows where the center is headed. In other words, there is a well thought-out plan (roadmap) of where the center is headed, how it’s going to get there, and what it’s going to look like when it arrives. Not unlike driving, alternative routes (contingencies) are part of the plan, with ...

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