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A Great Place to Work: Creating a Healthy Organizational Climate (2nd Edition) (Back-Order)

by Paula Jorde Bloom, Ann Hentschel, & Jill Bella
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Early childhood program administrators often have a global impression that things are going well or not so well at their center, but they lack specific feedback on just what the different areas of the organization contribute to those impressions. This updated and expanded edition helps directors define more precisely how ten dimensions of a center shape the quality of work life for staff. It will help you look at your program in terms of collegiality, opportunities for professional growth, supervisor support, clarity, reward system, decision- making, goal consensus, task orientation, physical setting, and innovation. Written in an engaging and lively style, the ideas in this book will help you sharpen your leadership skills and make your center A Great Place to Work.

This book will help you…

  • understand why organizational climate is so important
  • learn how to gather data to measure and monitor your center's climate
  • appreciate the different perspectives of your teachers and support staff
  • recognize the vital role that you play in setting the tone for success
  • implement strategies to guarantee bright and sunny days ahead

Table of Contents

How's the Weather in Your Center?

  • Organizational Climate versus Job Satisfaction
  • Why Organizational Climate Is So Important
  • Ten Dimensions of Organizational Climate

Measuring the Climate of Your Program

  • The Benefits of Assessing Work Attitudes
  • Components of a Good Survey
  • Conducting an Informal Assessment
  • Formal Assessment Using the Early Childhood Work
  • Environment Survey
  • The Work Environment Profile
  • What Is the "Best" Climate?

Partly Cloudy or Partly Sunny—Viewing the World through Different Lenses

  • Directors and Teachers View the World Differently
  • Perception Shapes Our Sense of Reality
  • Three Perspectives
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Closing the Gap

Changing the Weather—The Director's Role

  • Communicating with Purpose
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Cultivating a Culture of Inquiry
  • Instilling Norms of Continuous Improvement

Ten Ways to Guarantee a Bright Forecast

  • Nurture that Collegial Spirit
  • Implement High-Impact Professional Development
  • Supervise with a Focus on Reflection and Feedback
  • Strive for Clarity in Policies and Procedures
  • Explore New Options for Rewards and Recognition
  • Expand Teachers' Decision-Making Influence
  • Strengthen the Focus on Mission and Vision
  • Manage and Protect Time
  • Address Adult Needs in the Physical Environment
  • Increase Opportunities for Creativity and Innovation

Clear Skies Ahead—From Assessment to Action

  • Maria Increases Teachers' Decision-Making Influence
  • Sandra Encourages Greater Collegiality
  • Carmen Expands Opportunities for Professional Growth
  • Jon Takes Steps to Improve Supervisory Support

A Final Word

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  • "I Value a Co-Worker Who Is..."
  • Role Perceptions Questionnaire

ISBN: 978-0-9827082-7-9

A Great Place to Work: Creating a Healthy Organizational Climate (2nd Edition) (Back-Order)