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A Manner of Speaking Jan/Feb '91

by Bonnie Neugebauer
January/February 1991
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The World Summit for Children, an international gathering of Heads of State and Government is to discuss the plight of the world's children, took place on September 29 and 30, 1990 at the United Nations in New York City-we decided that I would attend as a member of the media, covering the event for Exchange. I approached this assignment with excitement and an array of insecurities, having last called myself a reporter for the world premiere of "Cat Ballou" during my high school days. I stayed near the United Nations where the Summit took place so I had a ringside seat for watching limousines and security personnel jam the streets. It was fascinating to watch the proceedings on closed circuit television in the media center and then to witness the opening and closing ceremonies in person from the balcony in the Assembly Hall. All those Heads of State and Government (a Guinness Book of World Records event-the most world leaders [71] ever gathered to discuss one topic) and me. I felt so privileged, awed, excited. All that power in one place.

But a lot of what they did was just ceremony. Each president/premier seemed compelled ...

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