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A Manner of Speaking Mar/Apr '92

by Bonnie Neugebauer
March/April 1992
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I am learning about job satisfaction from Penny - a friend, preschool teacher, and fellow quilter.

My general approach to a project has always been to work feverishly to completion, do a cursory evaluation, then move on to the next task. But Penny works differently. As she quilts she sets short term goals - vantage points from which she will enjoy what she has accomplished. She sets thread and needle aside and spreads the quilt to savor it visually. Her hands smooth the surface, as she relishes the tactile pleasures of her art. This is how Penny quilts; it is also how she puts up wallpaper (she says it takes her forever because she pauses after each strip to see what a wonderful job she has done), how she spends time with a friend, and how she works with young children.

At Exchange Press, we seldom do that - sit back and enjoy a job well done. So I decided to institute a post-issue session Penny-style. My expectation was that our staff would carefully turn pages, commenting on the quality of a photo, an inciteful idea, a new layout design. But we ...

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