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A Manner of Speaking May/Jun '01

by Bonnie Neugebauer
May/June 2001
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It's been the nicest sort of day. Nothing spectacular, just several bright connections with people to buoy my spirits as I work my way through piles of projects and hundreds of messages:

_ Magela's e-mail about celebrating birthdays in Uruguay.
_ "Have a good day" and a wave from the UPS driver.
_ My Dad's first e-mail message ever.
_ A spring walk with my neighbor.
_ A leisurely dinner with family.

My days, the good ones, are built on such moments - reminders that I am a friend, a child, a lover, and a parent. But many of the exchanges that I cherish happen in the company of strangers; finding the trigger that engages the personality within a role can be like a treasure hunt.

I recognized Joe behind the fish counter. He had shared a recipe for ahi the week before, enabling me to prepare my best dish ever. Pleased that I remembered him, he gifted me with a sample of his new crab dip. "We all have our special touches, you know."

As I walk each morning with Loralee, I greet everyone we meet with a hearty "Good Morning." All ages of children pass by, some too cool, of course to reply. ...

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