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A Manner of Speaking May/Jun '02

by Bonnie Neugebauer
May/June 2002
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Speechless. That's how I feel today.

I just made the final correction to the program for the World Forum and sent it off to the printer, the end product of the exchange of billions of words among and between a community of people around the world.

To celebrate this completion, I cleaned up my e-mail files, deleting all messages received or sent before January 1, 2002. This leaves me with the record that 5,500 messages have been received and responded to and 2,200 others sent since the New Year - all those interactions, all those words, all those connections.

It's the connections that give me something to say. I need an idea, I send out a message. I need help, I send out another. I need comfort or guidance or clarification or information, and people respond. We are indeed a community of people connected through technology. The speed with which we can communicate increases the number of exchanges and the opportunities for using what we share. Our cyber communications become a conversation.

I am no fan of technology in general; my brain does not understand or even care to decipher the intricacies of the tools on my desk. I am totally dependent on others when ...

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