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A Manner of Speaking Sep/Oct '03

by Bonnie Neugebauer
September/October 2003
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“Let’s make a sandwich,” I would say when our children were young. “Roger, you can be the first slice of bread ( . . . Roger would take his place flat on the carpet). Amy, you’re the bologna; Alison can be a piece of cheese. Aaron is the pickle and Adam, you’re the peanut butter.” Then I would slather the sandwich ingredients with mayonnaise and mustard " this is where all the tickling and giggling took place. And finally I would plop on top as the last slice of bread and wiggle until the sandwich fell apart in a heap of laughter.

Many of us belong to a sandwich of a different sort as we care for parents and for children. But sandwiching can be much more than a generational image or a stage of life metaphor: it is also a way of seeing ourselves professionally. During a recent visit, my cousin Kathy Mertz commented: “Children are our link with the future; parents are our link to the past” " food for thought for sandwiches of many types.

Child care programs, directors, and staff are the caretakers of the future, and in a number of programs " like Beatitudes in Phoenix, Arizona which ...

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