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A Manner of Speaking Jul/Aug '04

by Bonnie Neugebauer
July/August 2004
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House Rules: Lessons We Learned About Change

Recently we gathered in Littleton, Colorado, to help my parents pack their belongings for their big move to Palm Desert, California. They were leaving the house they had designed and built and lived in for 43 years, the house where we as parents, children, grandchildren, siblings and spouses and friends had learned so much. But before we left, the house had a few more lessons to teach us " lessons about big changes in our lives, about tasks and teamwork, about each other and others, and about ourselves.

We share them with you as reminders of what you already know.

What we learned about teamwork:
• Be flexible.
• Don’t take anything personally " even the random compliments (but be grateful for them).
• Expect interruptions. Learn to welcome them.
• Take breaks and time-outs.
• Remember that everyone else is trying just as hard as you are.
• No one gets to be boss all the time.
• Accept that you’re going to aggravate people you care about.
• Even best intentions can and will be misunderstood.
• Know when to gracefully give in or give up.
• Systems are critical " locations for necessary supplies, what is finished, what needs to happen next.
• Make “Yes” your first response to any suggestion.
• There’s ...

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