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A Manner of Speaking May/Jun '06

by Bonnie Neugebauer
May/June 2006
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“Krispy Kreme preorders due Friday” is the message that appears on the reader board at the elementary school near my home.

Families walking up our hill to the Little League ballpark on a Saturday morning are already tearing into huge bags of chips and sweets.

Children in that school and children watching baseball, some of them, have to be overweight. Statistics dictate that inevitability. And some of those parents and teachers have to be wailing about the rising obesity levels of our children. Talk is only a beginning. The future of children is not in someone else’s hands " it rests squarely in our own. We cannot rail about a crisis, yet perpetuate old contributing patterns. There is much that we can do if we just pay attention.

ONE " We can help young children notice what they are eating.
When we visited Chef Jack Marcin for our cover story, I was struck by the fact that several of the children really looked at their food: “The plates are beautiful,” observed one child. And as they ate, they made comments about things they liked. Even Max, who spit out his salmon, did so with a look of surprise on his ...

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