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A Manner of Speaking Mar/Apr '07

by Bonnie Neugebauer
March/April 2007
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When you hire someone, you hire them for the skills that match your needs. But what you get is a whole person " and all the life experience, talent, ambition, and personality that comes in that package.

We all know that. But sometimes we get so focused on moving in one direction or so overwhelmed by all the different directions pulling on us, that we begin to lose sight of the complex individual and focus only on the one-dimensional skill set.

Recent developments here at Exchange magazine and World Forum headquarters have reminded us of all the richness our staff bring to our lives and work.

Here’s the story: We’ve all become groupies of a hot new band in town known as Pufferfish. Scott from our production department, and Jonah, our computer programmer, have been playing at coffee houses and bars for quite a while, but a recent radio spot has upped local interest. Guitars, harmonicas, brake drums, and the kitchen sink " they play everything. We are all wildly cheering their success " honestly, selfishly, we also hope they will always need/want their work here with us, too. Imagine us screaming with the crowds to “Linoleum,” “Decoder Ring,” “Butterknife,” applauding ...

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