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A Manner of Speaking Sep/Oct '07

by Bonnie Neugebauer
September/October 2007
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As I struggled with my choice: stamen shooting from flaming poppy petals, Scott posed like Davy Crockett at the water’s edge, or the adorable and gluttonous baby pigs, Christina began sharing her photos with me. She had captured Puget Sound, mountains, clouds " vistas I hadn’t even really taken in, although we had shared the same adventures. We were selecting our entries for the first ever Whoop Di Do Photo Contest " and struggling.

As a staff we had traveled to Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands for community building and pleasure " playing, cooking, relaxing together. One of the challenges was to capture the event for the Photo Contest. We all differed in the way we took our photos (Jonah had an unusual rolling maneuver and favored Sophie the dog and Roger focused on unusual inanimate objects). And since our perspectives and methods varied so much, it was difficult to make a choice for the contest that didn’t involve categories " flowers and dogs and mountains all had equal billing.

In our conversation, Christina and Eve and I discussed how wonderful it is to experience something with others, adding other interests and perspectives to our individual perceptions. We all know ...

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