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A Manner of Speaking Nov/Dec '11

by Bonnie Neugebauer
November/December 2011
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Alexander was late to school, arriving with harried Grandfather in tow. He walked past the music class in which his classmates were engaged to deposit his lunch, wash his hands, and complete his arrival routine. His teachers were involved in paper work at tables around the room and did not greet him until it was time, sign-in completed, for him to enter the experiences of the day. A name tag was placed around his neck and he was taken by hand to enter the music circle now well underway.

It took Alexander several minutes to focus on the activity " and he was rebuked when exuberance overcame him for a moment. He seemed confused and rather lost, as though things were happening around him and he couldn’t quite find the rhythm to join in.

The morning continued with group meeting " questions to answer leading to a graphing activity. Several children led the discussion and their hands were always in the air. They ‘got it’ and knew the routine and the way things worked. Many children were just beginning to find their groove. Others, like Alexander, often looked dazed.

As I watched, I felt the movement of ...

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