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A Manner of Speaking Jul/Aug '12

by Bonnie Neugebauer with Zachary and Schon
July/August 2012
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Schon (3.5) and Zachary (4.5) helped me create this record of our experience of creating ideas together.

"Let's decorate the house for Night Train's (aka Roger) birthday." Zachary, Schon, Caroline (1.5), and I started messing with the spools of crepe paper, each latching onto our favorite color. "We could do it like this," I suggested in an adult-centric moment, as I taped a yellow strip to the fireplace.

Zachary: "That's not how we do it." He taped the other end of my strip to the mantel to make a loop.

Schon joined in to make loops as well, and quickly, my responsibilities became to cut the paper and provide pieces of tape as directed.

Schon had the idea of taking one piece and attaching it to another. "Can I tape my piece to your piece?" she asked Zachary. "Yes," Zachary replied. And so she did. Later in the process, Zachary asked, "Schon, can I tape my piece to yours?" "No," Schon responded.

Zachary: "So when you asked if you could tape your paper to mine, I said yes. And now I asked if I could tape my paper to yours and you said no. So, can I tape my paper ...

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