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A Manner of Speaking

by Bonnie Neugebauer
January/February 2013
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It’s my birthday! Celebrate with me on February 5.

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. It seems like #65 needs a plan, and I’ve been advised that you can do anything you want on your birthday!

Many of you have thought of such creative ways to celebrate milestones " the fun of Luis Hernandez’s work party, the thoughtfulness of Margie Carter’s seaside meditations, Ann Pelo’s solstice observances, Jean Dugan’s philanthropic gift requests. Inspired by your wit, wisdom, and creativity, I’ve decided to ask for something extraordinary.

The focus, of course, has to be on children. We’ve made them the focus of our lives " and, besides, who better to celebrate with?

As a world society we are spending a great deal of energy and time trying to figure out what we should be doing for, to, about, in the interests of, and concerning children. Unfortunately, we seem to spend more time talking about what we should be doing than taking action. We’ve become trapped in the complexities of measuring, until we can hardly move in order to set in motion the things that need to happen. But when you strip away all the trimmings and agendas, it seems to me the ...

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