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A Mind is a Precious Thing to Paste Waste

by Jim Greenman
November/December 1992
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"What a waste it is to lose one's mind, or not to have a mind is very wasteful. How true that is." - Dan Quayle

This is a slightly revised version of an Exchange classic article from 1982. It came from the memoirs of Joyce Kurtz, a longtime nursery school teacher and inveterate conference planner - also a close personal friend of Dan Quayle.

Apparently unhinged by attending one conference too many, Ms. Kurtz became convinced that her mission in life was to plan the perfect conference.

Scrawled in red crayon at the bottom of the last page of the following notes were the words "the horror, the horror." Her death was determined to have been due to a rare case of "puppetus ovum cratae" - a prolonged and repeated exposure to puppets and egg cartons.

Dear SPAEYC Members,

This year will really be the best conference ever held! The response to our call for workshops has been really terrific! The theme "A Spoonful of Sugar" narrowly won out over the others suggested: "The Joys of Formal Operations," "Don't Mourn, Organize," and "We Love Your Children."

The really neat part of my job has been ...

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