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A Natural Playscape: Four Years Later

by Rusty Keeler
November/December 2008
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One of the highlighted playscapes in my recent book Natural Playscapes (Exchange Press, 2008) is at New Day Children's Center in Watertown, NY. In 2004 I had the pleasure of joining the center's spirited staff and a huge group of community volunteers to build the playscape over a long weekend. The results are wonderful and you can see pictures of the community build and their new playscape in the book, all fresh and newly green.

This past summer my travels took me through Watertown again so I just had to stop in and see how the playscape was progressing. Wow! Much to my delight the space has grown into a haven of play and discovery. Trees are flourishing, garden beds are booming, and there are signs of love everywhere — both by adults who continue to add interesting plants and elements to the yard, and by children who have carved out all sorts of paths and secret spots in the vegetation. Just like children, growing spaces need love. It warms my heart to see children and environments thriving thanks to caring thoughtful adults — people like you.

But, enough of my words. See for yourself the beautiful growing environment of New Day ...

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