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A New Attitude

by Dennis Vicars
May/June 2009
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If there is any anti-venom for bad economic times, it’s action. While everyone else is sitting back and waiting for good news to arrive, the school/center that will achieve success is the one that determines to meet the challenge by not listening to conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom dictates: don’t spend, keep your head down, penny pinch, and cut costs wherever possible. The attitude of ‘this too will pass’ implies an attitude of helpless desperation.

The pundits are correct when they say you cannot change the economy, but what they don’t say is that we can control our attitudes and we can do what it takes to eliminate as many negative variables that affect the success of our schools and centers. Our new attitude begins with the realization that not everyone has lost his or her job. About 93% of America is still at work and
babies are born every day. So, the question becomes: What do I need to do differently and better to capture those enrollments which are in need of a quality early care and education environment?

One suggestion is to do a full-scale evaluation of your entire operation, including program, procedures, staff, vendors, service quality, and marketing. A thorough ...

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