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A Nutritious Breakfast Jumpstarts the Day

by Lisa R. Ramey
January/February 2011
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A nutritious breakfast can jumpstart a child's day, both academically and physically. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many children:

Between 10% to 30% of children skip breakfast in the United States (Ramersaud et al., 2005).
Breakfast skippers consume less energy, vitamins, and minerals than children who eat breakfast. The resulting deficiencies may persist throughout the day.
The diet of breakfast skippers is usually of lower quality with increased snack consumption that is higher in carbohydrates and energy (Dubois et al., 2009).
Children start with high fruit and vegetable intake when foods are introduced at 6 months. Nutritious food intake then decreases with one-third of 24-month-old children consuming no fruit, 60% baked desserts, 20% candy, and 44% sweetened beverages per day.
The most commonly consumed vegetable at the age of 2 years is French fries (Gidding et al., 2006).

Eating patterns become engrained within the first 3-5 years; hence the vicious cycle of poor eating habits starts early and continues to worsen.

When children eat breakfast daily:

The nutritional content appears to be of higher quality.
Children tend to eat foods with higher nutritional content later in the day.

Contributing factors to the consumption of a ...

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