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A Positive and Pro-Active Response to Young Boys in the Classroom

by Merle Froschl and Barbara Sprung
July/August 2008
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Raising and educating healthy young boys is an area of increasing concern among early childhood educators, child development experts, and parents. A growing body of research has raised questions about young boys’ vulnerability on a number of fronts: social/emotional development, expulsion from preschool, referral to special education, and academic achievement, particularly in terms of literacy. It turns out that on all measures African American and Latino boys are especially at risk.

The facts

• Expulsions from preschool occur three times more often than the national K-12 expulsion rate, and boys are five times as likely to be expelled as girls.

• African American boys are three times more likely to be expelled than white children.

• African American boys in preschool are often stigmatized into the role of troublemaker or ‘bad’ child. This early stigmatizing follows them through the grades, and other children pick up the message and the ‘bad boy’ language very quickly.

• Boys are nine times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, or attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity.

• Boys represent 70% of students diagnosed with learning disabilities and 80% of those diagnosed with social/emotional disturbance.

• In 2000-2001, African American boys made up 8.6% of national public ...

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