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Accountability: Oh, the Pain!

by Dennis Vicars
January/February 2012
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Have you ever noticed how the truth sounds a lot like the truth? Be that as it may, why do we allow compromises with truth in how we deal with our staff, vendors, parents, and even children? We ask our staff to improve, but we’ll turn a blind eye to behavior we know to be
detrimental to them and our program.

If you believe that all behavior is conditioned, which I do, then why would we allow our greatest asset, our human capital, to be less than high quality? The children in our care deserve the very best.

Why is it so hard to keep people accountable? It begins with the ‘annual review.’ This device, created decades ago by Professor Taylor’s “Time and Motion” studies, was an attempt to quantify the practice of appraisal. Unfortunately, this early attempt at human resources management was used for income justification (e.g., merit raises). Little consideration, if any, was given to employee development then. Seventy years later only minimal changes have been made. Too often in ECE, staff anticipate a raise and we are too timid in our true summation of their skills, abilities, and growth areas. We are eager to get past the uncomfortable, confrontational ...

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