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Amidst the Daily Sound and the Fury - What is Important?

by Jim Greenman
May/June 1997
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During the national obsession with the O. J. Simpson trial and the daily assault on our consciousness, I was struck by the observation made by one of the ubiquitous legal commentators. He was asked about the importance of the trial to American jurisprudence. Certainly an event that monopolized nearly everyone's attention for over a year (even those of us who claim to only watch public television) would have some great import for the future.

The commentator (nameless because I don't remember who he was) noted that "There are many things that are significant today but not really important, certainly in the long term. There are also many things that are important, but not significant, they don't receive the attention that they deserve."

The Simpson trial was obviously significant enough to cast its appalling shadow over the country for more than a year. But it probably was not particularly important for the legal system, or much else. On the other hand, there were probably a number of little known decisions that will have major effects on jurisprudence for years to come.

It might be useful if we apply a similar analysis to child care. It is hard in child care not to be ...

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