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Another Training Tip - Why are Our Salaries So Low?

by Margie Carter
March/April 1991
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Given the staffing and salary crisis that we are experiencing in the child care field, I have been trying to integrate activities to heighten awareness and increase advocacy skills into the training I do for both staff and parents. This effort requires training in issues of self-esteem as well as political analysis and strategy. What will assist child care staff to perceive and articulate their self-worth so as to solicit the needed action? How can our training activities motivate them into organized advocacy efforts? Are there resources we can draw on to develop an approach to this training?

There are several AEYC and Child Care Employee Project resources that have been useful to me in sparking ideas for training strategies. These are listed below. In addition, I have been working with colleagues Deb Curtis and Wendy Harris to apply the pedagogy of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire to develop workshop designs that help child care staff find their voices and develop skills in addressing the salary crisis.

We try to create opening activities for staff meetings and workshops that get us right to the heart of the issue that we want to discuss. One that works well ...

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