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Are You a Director or the Substitute?

by Roslyn Duffy
July/August 1991
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If you know someone who is always willing to drop everything and come in to watch 15 or more preschool aged children with less than an hour's notice, would you please send me their phone number immediately!?!

From the administrative viewpoint, the need for a substitute is usually immediate and urgent. From the substitute's viewpoint, it isn't much of a job. It's great if you really enjoy working in a variety of settings and having fairly flexible hours. But what happens when you get the flu or break your arm? Who pays for your doctor bills or sick leave?

Since our need for substitutes at our center is clear, we attempted to create a substitute position with reasonable status of its own. Because we only have two classrooms, we neither needed nor could we afford a full time substitute.

To decide what we could afford, we added our substitute costs for the previous year and came up with a monthly average. We added to that the cost of half of an individual monthly health care premium. With this figure as our budget, we approached other centers nearby who could afford approximately the same amount. ...

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