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Beginning with Peekaboo - Storytelling as Interaction

by Robert Munsch
July/August 1994
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Neugebauer children grew up on Munsch stories. We first heard them on audiotapes on car trips, and then sought them out in printed format. Their hilarious plots and boisterous lines and motions lured us into the stories and led to family games which were based on our favorite lines. So we were delighted when Robert Munsch agreed to share some of his insights on storytelling:

Peekaboo, the most well-known interactive game for very young children, involves a prescribed set of words and actions. It doesn't work very well if just the words are used, or if just the actions are used. It is an interactive sequence which demands both words and actions for the child to enjoy the situation. In fact, actions without words may arouse fear in the child, rather than delight.

There are many finger plays for young children which work upon this same principal. The child's interest is held by the physical actions that go along with the words. This type of play makes a great deal of sense because young children become adept physically much sooner than they become adept verbally, and they learn and experience things physically before they learn ...

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