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Child Development II - A Beginnings Workshop Book

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Contents of Beginnings Workshop Book- Child Development II

Relaxation: Every Child’s Right to Simply Be by Patrice Thomas and Wendy Shepherd

Infant Massage by Carolyn Oleson

Fitness and the Young Child by James M. Poole, MD, FAAP

Partners in Health: Helping Families Advocate for Their Children’s Health Care by Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, MD, MPH

Preventing Injuries to Children: Interventions That Really Work by Ann Zavitkovsky and Diane Thompson

Building Relationships With Young Children by W. George Scarlett

Choosing Courage in a Climate of Fear by Jeffrey Perkins

Raising Children Who Are Hopeful by Karen J. Reivich and Jane E. Gillham

Living With Disappointment: How to Choose Powerful Outcomes in the Face of Unmet Expectations by M. Parker Anderson

Nutrition and Child Development: Global Perspectives by Jacqueline Hayden

Working With Families Around Nutritional Issues by Wayne Eastman

Breastfeeding Promotion in Child Care by Laura Dutil Aird

Food as Shared Living-and-Learning by Nadine L. McCrea

Time, Trust, and Tools " Opening Doors to Imagination for All Children by Kirsten Haugen

The Connection Between Play and Character by David Elkind

Magnets Can Dance and Vanilla Smells Warm by Alison Lutton

Getting Along With Imaginary Friends by Diane Krissansen

What Makes Young Children Laugh? by David Elkind

Humor as a Tool in the Workplace by Jerry Parr

Vincent’s Vignettes by Vincent Duffy

Family Humor by Bill Strader

Books to Tickle Funny Bones by Karen Stephens

ISBN: 978-0-942702-40-9