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Literacy - A Beginnings Workshop Book

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Contents of Beginnings Workshop Book - Literacy

Building Literacy
Promoting Language, Literacy, and a Love of Learning Makes a Difference by Joan Lombardi

Creating Readers by Leah Curry-Rood

Family Literacy by Jean Berry Racin

Setting the Stage for Literacy Events in the Classroom by Judith A. Schickedanz

Building Literacy Curriculum Using the Project Approach by Jeanette Allison

Children's Conversations: Why Are They Important? by Dennie Palmer Wolf

Ways of Talking: Respecting Differences by Celia Genishi and Anne Haas Dyson

Paul's Talk: Teachers and Parents Look at a Child's Language by Judith S. Bloch and Janice L. Friedman

In the Age of Questions an interview with Don Adcock

Multi-Language Programs
Bilingualism/Multilingualism and Language Acquisition Theories by Evienia Papadaki-D'Onofrio

Training and Supporting Caregivers Who Speak a Language Different From Those in Their Community by Joan Matsalia and Paula Bowie

Language Immersion Programs for Young Children by Francis Wardle

Hearing Parents in Every Language: An Invitation to ECE Professionals by Holly Elissa Bruno

Bilingual Education
What's All the Fuss? A Frank Conversation About the Needs of Bilingual Children by Rebeca María Barrera

Working with Children Whose Home Language Is Other Than English: The Teacher's Role by Cecelia Alvarado

Creation Is Ongoing: Developing a Relationship with Non-English Speaking Parents by Antonia Lopez

Creating Culturally Consistent and Inclusive Early Childhood Programs for All Children and Families by ReGena Booze, Cheryl Greer, and Louise Derman-Sparks

Beginning With Peekaboo — Storytelling as Interaction by Robert Munsch

You, Yes, You, Telling Stories from Many Cultures by Margaret Read MacDonald

When the Wolf Both Is And Is Not a Wolf — The Language of Puppets by Mariano Dolci

Finding Our Voices — The Power of Telling Stories by Margie Carter

ISBN: 0-942702-34-4