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Book Reviews A Potpourri of Management Books

by Bob Benson
September/October 2006
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I try to remain open to new wisdom for improving my leadership effectiveness. One source is a commitment to seek out stimulating books addressing either individual skill development or human behavior in an organizational context. I found four books stimulating that may resonate with Exchange readers as they confront their day to day professional challenges.

While this particular potpourri appealed to me, all four of the selections may not resonate with you. I offer the following capsule sketches in the hopes that a different one or two of the featured books may appear interesting to each of you. I do believe that effective leadership transcends industry and profession boundaries, so let's see if I can stimulate your interest.

Gifts Differing:
Understanding Personality Types
Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B. Myers, Palo Alto, CA: Davies-Black Pub., 1995
"Susan exasperates me. She just doesn't get it. She's just like George Bush on global warming and other issues; she doesn't care about facts. She tunes into most of the kids in her class she's like a pied piper to them but never gets organized to accomplish effective parent communications following the guidelines I published."

Sounds like an ISTJ (introverted/sensing/thinking/judging) director describing an ENFP (extroverted/intuitive/feeling/perceiving) teacher the director ...

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