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Braking our Impulses: Shifting Gears to Positive Discipline

by Karen Stephens
September/October 1992
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Having trouble finding positive ways to deal with negative behaviors? Difficult behaviors can stump even the most seasoned teachers. But take heart, here's some food for thought!

If you stumble in your early attempts to shift gears to positive discipline, don't give in to discouragement! No one technique works effectively with every child. In fact (just to complicate matters), you're not even guaranteed that one technique will work with the same child twice in a row! Children are stubbornly individual, and that's what makes them so interesting to be around! Becoming skilled in positive guidance requires experience as well as training. Give yourself plenty of both, and you will become adept at positively managing children's behavior.

When addressing behavior problems, examine what a child can learn from the situation. Focus on the behaviors you hope will occur as the result of appropriate guidance. To effectively do this, you must maintain self-control. This will help you keep a clear head which will aid in problem solving. Look at the problem from the child's point of view as well as from your own. This may shed light on the cause for the inappropriate ...

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