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Bringing the Wonder of Nature to Children’s Indoor Environments

May/June 2012
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Over the next year, Wonder will be filled with ideas for using free tools available on the World Forum website in the ­Environmental Action Kit: Connecting
the World’s Children with Nature, which can be accessed at ­

In this edition we’ll explore one of the “Universal Principles for Connecting Children with Nature” that were developed by leaders and members of the Nature Action Collaborative for ­Children:

Nature should be integral in the design process of children’s indoor and outdoor environments.

We’ll be especially focusing on the importance of bringing nature indoors. In the future we’ll look more closely at ideas for developing and enhancing nature-filled outdoor spaces.

Two parts of the Environmental Action Kit can help you use this principle more fully in your work. The first is in the ­Resources and Professional Articles ­section where you’ll find “Benefits of ­Nature to ­Children” by Louise Chawla. This fact sheet summarizes several ­studies that identify what children gain from deeper connections with nature, including increased concentration and school achievement, and a stronger foundation for life-long environmental stewardship. Feel free to share it with staff and families.

A second resource is in the Educator and Family Materials section of the Environmental Action Kit. Click on the ...

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